Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Sat Jan 27 14:05:44 GMT 2001

[ Again, not really list relevant.. ]


> ok i think i have fixed all the problems. Now it has been a week and
> my domain is still not resolving. any ideas ?

All the nameserver configuration is still out of sync.

It's a bit worrying to see that BB Online haven't managed to
pin-point and fix these problems, when they're supposed to be an
ICANN accredited registrar.

Querying the CORE registry database:

  % whois -h whois.crsnic.net skyforge.net
     Domain Name: SKYFORGE.NET
     Registrar: BB ONLINE UK LTD
     Whois Server: whois.nominate.net
     Referral URL: www.nominate.net
     Name Server: BRAIN.BB-ONLINE.CO.UK
     Name Server: No nameserver
     Updated Date: 15-jan-2001

So the domain is delegated to just one name server:

  BRAIN.BB-ONLINE.CO.UK has address

Now, we'll query the BB Online database direct:

  % whois -h whois.nominate.net skyforge.net
  Domain Created  10 November 2000
  Domain Expires  10 November 2002
  Last updated on 10 November 2000

That says the domain is delegated to a completey different name server.

Checking the GTLD nameservers:

  % host -t ns skyforge.net K.GTLD-SERVERS.net
  Using domain server:
  Name: K.GTLD-SERVERS.net

  skyforge.net name server NS1.BB-ONLINE.NET

So the root nameservers think that the delegation is something else
again (which is odd because the root nameserver zones should be
built from the database(s) I'd have thought).

[ That is bad I think! The CRS database, the registrar database
  and the root nameservers should not be out of sync I'd have thought?? ]

We'll also check to see what DNS data these different nameservers
are holding for the skyforge.net domain:

  % host -t ns skyforge.net BRAIN.BB-ONLINE.CO.UK
  Using domain server:

  skyforge.net name server ns1.bb-online.net
  skyforge.net name server ns2.bb-online.net

  % host ns1.bb-online.net
  ns1.bb-online.net has address
  % host ns2.bb-online.net
  ns2.bb-online.net has address

That says the domain is delegated to a completely different pair of

  % host -t ns skyforge.net
  Using domain server
  skyforge.net name server mailhost.eurosoft-uk.com
  skyforge.net name server ns1.bb-online.co.uk
  skyforge.net name server brain.bb-online.co.uk

So just for fun, the nameserver also thinks the domain
is delegated to different nameservers.

You really need to get all this synced up.

The key is that:

  a) CRS/registrar/GTLD delegation is pointing at the correct servers
  b) the correct servers are serving the zone with the correct data

I don't understand how the CRS/registrar/GTLD data can be so out
of sync!


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