Password access for certain pages on web server

Paul Civati paul at
Fri Jan 26 15:21:45 GMT 2001


> I am having trouble trying to set up a password protected part of
> our web site. I want to password protect /users/davidr/public_html
> I have added this to httpd.conf
> <directory /users/davidr/public_html/>
> AuthUserFile /usr/local/etc/http.passwd
> AuthGroupFile /usr/local/etc/
> AuthType basic
> <limit GET POST HEAD>
> require webteam
> order deny,allow
> deny from all
> allow from

The httpd.conf will specify that under DocumentRoot any .htaccess
files can override certain features/settings defined in the http.conf,
so an 'AllowOverride none' means that .htaccess can't change any

> and trying to work what should go in the .htaccess. Should that be in
> /users/davidr/public_html ? At the moment i have AllowOverride none and it
> gives me a 500 error. I check the logs and find this
> [Fri Jan 26 14:51:30 2001] [alert] [client]
> /users/davidr/public_html/.htaccess: AllowOverride not allowed here

I think you need to make this 'AllowOverride AuthConfig' inside your
<Directory "/users/davidr/public_html/"> directive.


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