PPP uulock problem

Gary Brewer g.r.brewer at wmin.ac.uk
Thu Jan 25 19:00:51 GMT 2001


After not doing anything at all to my system I get the following error when
trying to run PPP

Jan 25 17:43:59 whir ppp[463]: Phase: deflink: /dev/cuaa0 is in use:
uu_lock: read error: File exists

My OS is

FreeBSD whir.cool.oak 4.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE #0: Mon Mar 20
22:50:22 GMT 2000

I cannot find anything on this, I even tried rebooting and it still throws
the error.
I fixed this by using another COM port but this is not the solution.



g.r.brewer at wmin.ac.uk

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