Meeting in London in February ?

Neil Ford neil at
Wed Jan 24 07:40:50 GMT 2001

At 2:27 AM +0000 1/24/01, Thomas Beauchamp wrote:

>Brian Somers wrote:
>>There's gonna be a small one on the 6th as it happens.  We're meeting
>>in a pub called the ``Prince of Whales'' which is on the corner of
>>Drury Lane and Long Acre - closest tube is Holburn (Picadilly Line I

>HOLBORN station is on BOTH Picadilly Line (blue) and Central Line (red).
>No I DO NOT work at London Underground!
>PS: C U there!
Technically the nearest tube is actually Covent Garden. Holborn is 
indeed on the Central Line though.

My advice: if you can easily get on the Central Line go to Holborn, 
otherwise use Covent Garden. The escalators at Holborn are in a right 
state at the moment so the lifts at Covent Garden are actually more 
convenient. Added advantage is that Covent Garden station is on Long 
Acre so you only have to keep your eys open for Drury Lane/the pub.

BTW - anyone got any details for ISPCon?

Neil C. Ford
neil at

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