dump and tape

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Tue Jan 23 15:08:54 GMT 2001

Nick Hibma <n_hibma at calcaphon.com> wrote:

> >   I have just been playing about with dump. I take it that it backup the
> > whole filesystem regardless if there is not thing there or not much. I have
> > a filesystem called /users and there is only 631Mb used. It has been set up
> > for 1Gb. The tape is a 4gb(8gb compressed) and when i run dump, it tells me
> > that i need 16.67 tapes ? is this correct or am i missing an option
> > somewhere
> Look for tape length in the dump manual. Sometimes dump gets the tape
> size wrong. Don't ask me why. Must have something to do with measuring
> tape length in feet instead if S.I. measurements ... :-)

I think the '-B' option is what Dave wants.

  -B records
       The number of 1 KB blocks per volume.  This option overrides the
       calculation of tape size based on length and density.

-Paul- (catching up on lots of unread list mail)

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