London gathering (Pub Trip)

Neil Ford neil at
Mon Jan 22 17:45:24 GMT 2001

At 9:59 AM +0000 1/22/01, Tim Borgeaud wrote:
>So far a few people have expressed an interest. However it looks likely
>that not all those interested will be able to attend on the same day.
>Two possible dates have been proposed:
>Tuesday 6th and Friday 9th Feb.
>Venue will probably be the Pub on the corner of Long Acre and Drury Lane
>as proposed by Brian.
>If you're interested in an informal gathering could you email me
>or the list with a preferred date and time.
I can make either or both of those... so I just need to when and where.

And of course this could be the first of more regular gatherings.

Neil C. Ford
neil at

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