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Mon Jan 22 11:44:00 GMT 2001

Scientists Take A Run At Wireless' Weak Spot
Star Ledger
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A team of scientists from Lucent Technologies' Bell Laboratories and Harvard 
University claims to have discovered a way to boost the amount of data sent 
over wireless networks. In today's issue of the journal Nature, the scientists 
contend they were having a high-level, theoretical conversation about physics 
when they realized that the increase in capacity can be found just by 
rethinking the way information moves through the air. Specifically, the 
scientists believe that what has to change is the type of antenna people use 
to send and receive information. In the journal article, one industry expert 
noted, "the knowledge that multiple antennas located at the same place can 
increase data capacity sixfold will encourage engineers to be more aggressive 
when designing new antennas for wireless applications."
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