Richard Smith rdls at
Sat Jan 20 20:47:13 GMT 2001

David Marsh wrote:
> A couple of daft questions:

I use an HP 9110 (I think) on ATAPI on my oldish 233MHz/128M work
machine. I only use it to burn single session data disks (at the

> Is it possible to rewrite CD-RWs under FreeBSD or can we only write to
> CD-Rs? (Nobody seems to have mentioned this explicitly)

Yes. You can blank a CD-RW in an ATAPI drive using `burncd -s4 blank'. I
don't know the corresponding command for a SCSI type drive.
Multi-session is _possible_ with burncd(1) but I have never attempted

> I noticed from the box of the Traxdata drive in Comet, that the required
> system specs are: 300MHz processor and UDMA support.

Well they would with Windows, wouldn't they?


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