FreeBSD CD's ? [OT]

Adrian Wontroba aw1 at
Sat Jan 20 01:43:14 GMT 2001

On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 01:51:32PM +0000, Richard Smith wrote:
> I use airmail for my subscription, and I cannot recall ever paying duty.
> I have paid duty in the past for more expensive imports, using both DHL
> and airmail. [With the latter, the postman leaves a note for you to
> collect the parcel from the sorting office (with your wallet)]

My experience is similar - FreeBSD subscription CDs have never attracted
duty and have enentually arrived.  Boxes of give-away CDs have attracted
lots of duty.  More expensive items (BRU and Applixware) have attracted
duty.  I suspect that the Post Office (or whatever they are now called)
have a de-minimus limit for duty, below which it isn't worth their time
to collect it.

Adrian Wontroba

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