Any chance of London gatherings?

Neil Ford neil at
Thu Jan 18 13:43:12 GMT 2001

At 1:23 PM +0000 1/18/01, Aled Morris wrote:
>On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 02:07:42AM +0000, Brian Somers wrote:
>>  Ok, if nobody else is going to suggest a date....
>>  How about Friday Feb 9 at that pub we've met in before that I can
>>  never remember the name of - the one on the corner of Long Acre and
>>  Drury Lane
>I know Friday is everyone else's preferred date, but I'll be in London on
>Tuesday 6th visiting the ISPcon show in Olympia, so it would be most
>convenient for me to go along to a meet in the same evening.
>Anyone else going to the show?  Seems like a good forum to promote FreeBSD
>(Nik - has BSDi got a booth?)
Well I'm happy to meet up Tuesday as well. Seeing as there will be a meeting on the Thursday, should be quick a relaxed week :-)

Neil C. Ford
neil at

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