FreeBSD CD's ?

Jeremy Prior jez at
Thu Jan 18 10:54:15 GMT 2001

On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 10:53:02AM +0000, Aleksandar Simic' wrote:
# What usually happens is, that I receive a CD roughly a month after
# official FreeBSD release. Before it arrives, I get an email from the
# orders people telling me that the CD has been shipped. I received one
# such email on January 4, and I still haven't received the CD. :( Despite
# the fact that FreeBSD 4.2 has been out since 21. November. They do
# mention in the email that normal waiting time is from 2-4 weeks. But
# before, when Walnut Creek was responsible for shipping, I would receive
# the CD a week after the email.

I got my confirmation email on 23rd Dec, and the CD arrived last Friday
(12th Jan).

I've been a subscriber since 2.1.5, and have grown used to receiving
the CD a while after release.  I've long since stopped relying on
the CDs to keep systems up to date, and only really use them now
in "cases of emergency", or to bootstrap machines up to the point
where cvsup can take over.

There was talk of the UK distribution being handled over here, but I've
not heard any more about it.  Can anyone else comment on this?

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