FreeBSD CD's ?

Aleksandar Simic' alex at
Thu Jan 18 10:53:02 GMT 2001


I'm on, what used to be Walnut Creek, now BSDi, subscription list for
FreeBSD releases on CD ROM. I've been on this list for almost a year

What usually happens is, that I receive a CD roughly a month after
official FreeBSD release. Before it arrives, I get an email from the
orders people telling me that the CD has been shipped. I received one
such email on January 4, and I still haven't received the CD. :( Despite
the fact that FreeBSD 4.2 has been out since 21. November. They do
mention in the email that normal waiting time is from 2-4 weeks. But
before, when Walnut Creek was responsible for shipping, I would receive
the CD a week after the email.

The whole point of being on the subscription is that you receive the
CD before others (i.e. local shops). But with system like this, where
you don't receive the CD two months after the FreeBSD's release, there
isn't much point, apart from the fact that my money is going towards the
FreeBSD project.

I would like to ask others who are on subscription, are you experiencing
the same problems ?

Thanks for your time,


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