Any chance of London gatherings?

Neil Ford neil at
Wed Jan 17 15:35:04 GMT 2001

At 3:20 PM +0000 1/17/01, Jonathan Fanti wrote:
>I would be quite interested in meeting the other London based 
>freeBSD users too, I have only been on the list a short while. I've 
>only been using freeBSD for 6/8 months, and would like to hopefully 
>gain some expierience, maybe even share some that I have picked up.
>Tim Borgeaud wrote:
>>  I'm now working in London and was just wondering if any formal/informal
>>  gatherings will be ocurring in London in the near future, or if anyone feels
>>  like meeting up for a few drinks some time.
>>  Tim

Seeing as I'm currently working in town too, a meeting sometime would 
be an excellent idea.

Avoiding Thursdays would be good as there seems to a large number of meetings occuring right now.

On that subject, is due to be hosting Damian Conway (uber 
perl guru) at the end of February. He's planning to give a talk for 
anyone's who's interested.

Neil C. Ford
neil at

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