Which cvsup server?

Brian Somers brian at awfulhak.org
Wed Jan 17 07:33:57 GMT 2001

> Brian Somers wrote:
> >What machine (your host name rather than any static/dynamic 
> >isp-assigned number) do you connect from ?  I'll have a look in the 
> >logs to see what's going on from my end.
> Well this is from a dial-up connection; the actual machine name at my
> end is wall(.my.domain).  I don't know the ISP machine name but Voyager
> might be worth looking for.  (dynamic IP
> In case it helps, I'm trying at around midnight.

cvsup2.uk.FreeBSD.org never heard of you :-/

> Paul Richards wrote:
> >Do you have ipfw setup? The error message gives the impression that the
> >cvsup server is refusing the connection but it actually just means that
> >it didn't respond so if none of the cvsup servers are responding it's
> >probably something on your side.
> No ipfw, I use the ppp firewall with:
>    set filter in  7 permit tcp dst eq 5998
>    set filter out 7 permit tcp dst eq 5999

You probably need
   set filter in  7 permit tcp src eq 5998
   set filter in  8 permit tcp src eq 5999
   set filter out 7 permit tcp dst eq 5998
   set filter out 8 permit tcp dst eq 5999

> As I'm not 100% sure that incoming would be on port 5998 I use the
> -P m option as well.
> So far all of these have worked once:
> cvsup3.uk.freebsd.org
> cvsup3.freebsd.org
> cvsup4.freebsd.org
> cvsup5.freebsd.org
> I get pings of about 130mS to all uk servers and about 280mS to the
> us ones.  I get the same (lack of) results with the Finish and German
> servers.
> Thanks for helping.
> John.

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