Which cvsup server?

Paul Richards paul at freebsd-services.co.uk
Tue Jan 16 23:32:28 GMT 2001

John Murphy wrote:
> Brian, firstly, thanks for the ppp program...
> Trying cvsup2.uk.FreeBSD.org as I type:
> wall# srcup
> Parsing supfile "/usr/local/etc/cvsup/sup/stable-sup"
> Connecting to cvsup2.uk.FreeBSD.org
> Cannot connect to cvsup2.uk.FreeBSD.org: Connection refused

Do you have ipfw setup? The error message gives the impression that the
cvsup server is refusing the connection but it actually just means that
it didn't respond so if none of the cvsup servers are responding it's
probably something on your side.


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