Reading the Routing Tables

Brian Somers brian at
Tue Jan 16 00:01:29 GMT 2001

Take a look at src/usr.sbin/ppp/route.c - it goes through the routing 
table doing various nasty things using sysctl() - without privileges. 
Specifically, route_Show() is a good example of how to do what 
netstat does in a reasonably sane way.

Of course you need uid 0 to change anything....

> Dom
> Thanks for the earlier tips. I've now got a solution from
> our own Ports Tree.
> There is a port called 'zebra' in the 'net' category.
> Zebra is an intelligent router application.
> And of course it runs on Linux, Solaris and all the BSDs.
> So it was simply a case of seeing how the Zerba developer
> managed to read the Routing Table on this wide range of
> platforms, and specifically how they read it on FreeBSD
> and how they read it on Linux.
> And just as you suggested earlier, FreeBSD uses the
> sysctl net.route.dump
> However, it seems this is an internal sysctl which is why
> it does not show up with the sysctl command from userland.
> Anyway, thanks for the tips.
> Roger

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