2 gig limit nightmare

Warren van der Woude warren.v at switzerland.com
Mon Jan 15 17:32:30 GMT 2001


I've recently purchased an AMD system (Duron 800 A7V mb)
and I am having serious problems installing freeBSD.

Basically fdisk can only recognise the first 2016 Meg of
the drive. Now I've tried everything (here is the list:)
- using "G" in fdisk to change the drive geometry
   (this did not reveal any more than 2 gig
- changing BIOS settings to LBA hard drive type (says 8
   gig , but BSD still only sees 2 gig)
- changing BIOS to "manual" for full drive geometry
- changing BIOS to 1023 Cylinders
- partitioning a freeBSD partition with Linux installer
   fdisk - result - BSD can still only see 2000 Meg of the 
- flashing the BIOS to latest version (9/1/2001)

Now the strange thing is that Windows 98 Fdisk can see 
the full size of the disk

The drive is an IBM deskstar 30gig (75GXP)

Please HELP!



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