Steve Mynott steve at tightrope.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 14:08:34 GMT 2001

Josef Karthauser <joe at tao.org.uk> writes:

> skyforge.net.           1d1m40s IN NS
> skyforge.net.           1d1m40s IN NS
> skyforge.net.           1d1m40s IN NS
> That looks a bit wierd!
> Your NS entries should be names not IP addresses.  What's happened is
> that the name server has treated the IP addresses as relative hostnames
> and appended the zone on the end.  You'll want to look at this.

You have missed the trailing . off the ip numbers in the zone file
> If you get your name servers fixed in your zone file (remember to bump
> the serial number :) then that should fix things.

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