Removing boot0

Martin Hopkins martin.hopkins at
Mon Jan 15 12:42:10 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben H <bens_lists at> writes:

    Ben> allo,
    Ben>  anyone know a cunning way of removing the boot0 boot loader from a disk?

    Ben> i cant use fdisk /mbr as it's a SCSI disk and isnt seen.

    Ben> i can use /stand/sysinstall as it's now got linux on it (dont ask). 

    Ben> i tried booting off the CD, using configure menu, fdisk, selecting standard
    Ben> boot loader and nowt really happened?

    Ben> any ideas?

You might be able to run boot0cfg from a fix-it shell.  I think on an
installed system /boot/mbr is a standard MBR so you'd use something

		boot0cfg -B -b /boot/mbr

I can't try this right now and it may nuke your machine.  If you've
got an installation take a look at the manpage for boot0cfg(8) (or
try fdisk(8)).

Hope this helps...


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