Reading the Routing Tables

Roger Hardiman roger at
Mon Jan 15 12:07:55 GMT 2001


Thanks for the earlier tips. I've now got a solution from
our own Ports Tree.

There is a port called 'zebra' in the 'net' category.
Zebra is an intelligent router application.

And of course it runs on Linux, Solaris and all the BSDs.

So it was simply a case of seeing how the Zerba developer
managed to read the Routing Table on this wide range of
platforms, and specifically how they read it on FreeBSD
and how they read it on Linux.

And just as you suggested earlier, FreeBSD uses the
sysctl net.route.dump

However, it seems this is an internal sysctl which is why
it does not show up with the sysctl command from userland.

Anyway, thanks for the tips.


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