Reading the Routing Tables

Roger Hardiman roger at
Sun Jan 14 16:44:14 GMT 2001

Hi all

I need to read the IP Routing Table into a userland program
but it seems I can only read it (from kvm) if I'm root or
my application is set-user-id and owned by root.

This is a bit of a problem.

I need to read the Routing Table in the OpenH323 libraries
for the H323 VideoPhone Proxy I'm porting.

But I don't want the library or the proxy to be owned by root if

Linux seems to get around this by reading from /proc/net/route
but we don't have in FreeBSD.

Do any of the programmers our there have any ideas?

Roger Hardiman
Strathclyde Uni Telepresence Research Group, Glasgow, Scotland.      0141 548 2897
roger at

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