Martin Smith martinsm at
Tue Jan 9 18:41:56 GMT 2001

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Jon Schneider wrote:

> I was one of those asking about them. In the end I got a Plextor
> 32/12/10 SCSI. Installation and use has been thoroughly boring
> and I have failed to make a single coaster.
> It comes with no software. BUT the Plextools (hang on they do come
> in the box) can do everything but write a data CD that isn't a
> straight copy.

mine came with some ultra crappy win software, but it is best in FBSD, I
use gcombust as a front end, also with mkhybrid installed you can make
handy mac and hybrid cd's

> In FreeBSD I installed cdrecord and made a little script taken
> in part from the bit of cdrecord's manual that has mkisofs piping
> straight in to cdrecord.
> Be aware that it is not easy to get hold of media fast enough for
> that machine. I only have x4 rewrite and x8 cdr media so am blasting
> a bit more slowly than I could.

I must admit I usually use 4x which seems quite fast enough for most of
the smallish cd's I make

> 	Jon
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