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Tue Jan 9 14:31:27 GMT 2001

Personally I use a Mirai 12W x 4RW x 32R burner with BURN proof which means
drive has a large cache which when coupled with the software (Nero included)
ensures you don't get buffer underruns.

It comes complete with an AdvanSys SCSI card (albeit a cut down one) and has
proceeded to work perfectly and incredibly quickly.

I haven't ever tried it on FreeBSD as my last burner (HP 7100i) wrote disks
using burncd but I could never get it to read in anything else so I gave
up and used the wimps option of Windoze - added to which a large portion
of my disk storage is still on NetWare5.1 which I need access to when I
burn things.

Hope that helps

Simon Clayton
Reference Technology Ltd

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I think that there was this discussion a while ago...but
Im looking to buy a cdburner for my new workstation, any recommendations of
the best one to pick for ease of setup and running?



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