Jon Schneider jms at
Tue Jan 9 14:26:04 GMT 2001

I was one of those asking about them. In the end I got a Plextor
32/12/10 SCSI. Installation and use has been thoroughly boring
and I have failed to make a single coaster.

It comes with no software. BUT the Plextools (hang on they do come
in the box) can do everything but write a data CD that isn't a
straight copy.

In FreeBSD I installed cdrecord and made a little script taken
in part from the bit of cdrecord's manual that has mkisofs piping
straight in to cdrecord.

Be aware that it is not easy to get hold of media fast enough for
that machine. I only have x4 rewrite and x8 cdr media so am blasting
a bit more slowly than I could.


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