Euro BSDCon?

Paul Richards paul at
Tue Jan 9 13:17:23 GMT 2001

Neil Ford wrote:
> I'm sure Paul won't thank me for asking this.... but is there any
> further news on the proposed Euro BSDCon/meet/whatever?
> Trying to get my travel commitments tied down for this year and I'd
> like to have an idea of when to keep free :-)

Well, I want to organise the event in Cardiff, it has the best
facilities and has an international airport and I know the city well so
it's easy for me to organise but at BSDCon this decision seemed to
appear from somewhere that there was going to be a Euro BSDCon on
mainland Europe and I'm not going to be the person organising that so I
put the whole thing on the back burner.

If there's support here in the UK for me going ahead and organising a
Euro BSDCon then I will resurrect my plans and book a venue. I'll need
to check the conference calendar to pick a date.


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