Recomendations for server hardware

Jon Barber jon.barber at
Tue Jan 9 12:20:55 GMT 2001

Dear All,

We're going to deploy a FreeBSD server at our local ISP to handle low volume 
web & email traffic.  It will be physically located at thier site, but we 
administer it and so on.

The box has to be rack mountable and ideally 1U in height, and under £2,500 
GBP.  Previously we've always used custom built desktop cases for our 
servers, and so we have no experience of off-the-shelf 1U server hardware.  

I've looked at low end offerings from Dell, Compaq & IBM, and they all offer 
what we're after.  However, the Compaq boxes, for example, seem to use 
network cards that aren't in the supported hardware section of the handbook.

If anyone can recommend a particular vendors server for this purpose I'd be 
most grateful.  I couldn't find any such recommendations in the archive or 
online anywhere.


Jon Barber.

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