Minimal sources to track stable?

Jonathan Belson jon at
Sat Jan 6 18:53:51 GMT 2001

Andrew Boothman wrote:

> > Yeah, this method is mentioned in the handbook somewhere.  I figured
> > installing from a local release would allow me to pick and choose
> > which distributions I need for each machine - making my firewall's
> > root partion NFS mountable makes me nervous, anyway ;^)
> Hrm. I'm pretty sure that make release places much greater strain on the box
> and needs much more hard disk space then just a normal make world anyway.

Yeah, but I have a 240MHz Pentium Pro with 3Gigs spare to handle
the compiling 8^)

> If none of the other systems on yor network could be used for doing this,
> then I guess staying up to date by sources might not be for you.
> Have you considered using snapshot releases?

Heck, I'd forgotten they did -stable snapshots now.  Thanks, I'll look
into that.



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