Minimal sources to track stable?

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Fri Jan 5 18:30:11 GMT 2001

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Subject: Re: Minimal sources to track stable?

> > Sure, it's called make release. But it's almost the same as making world
> > which is what you do when you recompile and install FreeBSD from
sources. In
> > fact, you can compile all the files on one machine, and then share your
> > newly compiled binaries over NFS and just to the installation sequence
> > installworld) on all your other machines on the network. I've never done
> > myself, but I understand it does work.
> Yeah, this method is mentioned in the handbook somewhere.  I figured
> installing from a local release would allow me to pick and choose
> which distributions I need for each machine - making my firewall's
> root partion NFS mountable makes me nervous, anyway ;^)

Hrm. I'm pretty sure that make release places much greater strain on the box
and needs much more hard disk space then just a normal make world anyway.

If none of the other systems on yor network could be used for doing this,
then I guess staying up to date by sources might not be for you.

Have you considered using snapshot releases?

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