Minimal sources to track stable?

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Fri Jan 5 17:03:41 GMT 2001

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> Heh heh, I think that's me out.

Are you sure that you can't just download the source for everything, and
then make it all?

If you install the sources package from your installation media, you'll get
all the sources for the whole system. Then all you have to do is update
those files to the latest versions and recompile.

Why don't you think you can do this?

> One last possibility that occurs to me - are the tools for making
> the distribution sets available?  That way I could make world on
> one machine, create a custom distribution and updgrade my machines
> over the network.

Sure, it's called make release. But it's almost the same as making world
which is what you do when you recompile and install FreeBSD from sources. In
fact, you can compile all the files on one machine, and then share your
newly compiled binaries over NFS and just to the installation sequence (make
installworld) on all your other machines on the network. I've never done it
myself, but I understand it does work.

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