Minimal sources to track stable?

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Thu Jan 4 17:46:47 GMT 2001

Generally, unless you definately know what you're doing, you should always
download and recompile the entire source tree.

I guess if you knew what you wanted to upgrade then you could just download
bits, but you would be on your own as I don't think the make world system
would work.

Also, a lot of the parts of the system rely on other parts, so you should
upgrade it all as a whole.

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Subject: Minimal sources to track stable?

> Hiya
> I've been looking into tracking -stable rather than just
> upgrading on a -release basis.  Since downloading the
> entire source tree is a bit overkill for me, I was
> wondering what the minimal method would be...could
> I get away with just sys/ and lib/, or do I need to
> rebuild everything each time?
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