Exchange Server replacement?

Michael Saunby mike at
Fri Jan 5 13:07:38 GMT 2001

I thought the trend for 2001 was supposed to be that SMEs would be moving to
ASPs for Exchange and similar services?  I know it's not exchange, but will sychronise calendars, etc. with Outlook as well as Palm.

For an ASP providing Exchange try

OK, I can see I'm going to be called a traitor for not suggesting an Open
Source ASP.  Well are there any?  Pehaps it's something we should build.  An
opportunity for folks to try out FreeBSD applications over a Web interface
to save the trouble of installing FreeBSD just to see what it can do.  For a
X11 to Java/Web translator try Tarantella -

Michael Saunby

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Subject: Exchange Server replacement?

> I have a customer who uses Outlook lots.  They
> haven't got an Exchange Server and so cannot
> share their contacts and diaries.
> They have asked us to find out how much it
> would cost to install Exchange Server on their
> existing NT platform.
> So, the question is - is there any software
> that will run on FreeBSD that will allow users
> to share Outlook diaries/contacts without having
> an Exchange Server?
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Simon Clayton
> Reference Technology Ltd
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