Exchange Server replacement?

Jeremy Prior jez at
Thu Jan 4 11:31:25 GMT 2001

On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 08:26:06AM -0000, Simon Clayton wrote:
# I have a customer who uses Outlook lots.  They 
# haven't got an Exchange Server and so cannot 
# share their contacts and diaries.
# They have asked us to find out how much it 
# would cost to install Exchange Server on their
# existing NT platform.
# So, the question is - is there any software 
# that will run on FreeBSD that will allow users
# to share Outlook diaries/contacts without having
# an Exchange Server?
# Thanks in advance for any help
# Simon Clayton
# Reference Technology Ltd

According to the Jan issue of Linux User, there are replacements for
both Exchange and Outlook.

Bynari ( has an Exchange replacement product called
TradeCenter.  ~$600, or $10 to try.

They also sell an Outlook client called TradeXCH.  ($60/$10)

Lastly they `sponsor' an opensource Outlook-like client called TradeClient

All are Linux-based, but might run under emulation.

I've not had any experience with any of these, other than a cursory look at
the website, though I'd be interested if anyone has any experience to

Hope this helps,
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