Exchange Server replacement?

Neil Ford neil at
Thu Jan 4 11:04:55 GMT 2001

At 10:41 am +0000 4/1/01, Paul Richards wrote:
>Simon Clayton wrote:
>>  I have a customer who uses Outlook lots.  They
>>  haven't got an Exchange Server and so cannot
>>  share their contacts and diaries.
>>  They have asked us to find out how much it
>>  would cost to install Exchange Server on their
>>  existing NT platform.
>>  So, the question is - is there any software
>>  that will run on FreeBSD that will allow users
>>  to share Outlook diaries/contacts without having
>>  an Exchange Server?
>Not really. LDAP can be used for sharing contacts but only read-only
>since Outlook doesn't make it possible to edit LDAP entries (neither
>does Netscape).
>I don't know of anything that allows sharing of diary entries or other
>objects in the way that Exchange does.
I came to roughly the same conclusion last year when I did some 
investigation. Exchange server does some wierd stuff and is very 

Your better bet may be to convince them to dump Outlook (hard I 
know), use something else as a mail client (nutscrape, Eudora, 
Pegasus (I'm assuming they're using windows on their desktops)) and 
then look for web-based calendar and contacts stuff, there are a few 

Neil C. Ford
neil at

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