How to reset/re-detect PS2 mouse

Richard Smith rdls at
Wed Jan 3 21:07:55 GMT 2001

Roger McCalman wrote:
> My 4.2-Stable box has forgotten that it has a PS/2 mouse. In order
> to recover it I attempted to restart moused but got the message
> /dev/psm0: device not configured.

Did this happen during a reboot or did /dev/psm0 just spontaneously

> I am using a scout kvm switch and have also tried restting the
> mouse using the magic key sequence.

I found using a PS/2 mouse through a KVM switch intolerable, which is
why I only use the serial port through the switch.

> Is there a way to reset the mouse driver without re-booting ?

Resetting moused: yes, resetting the device driver: don't know


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