Wireless NIC supplier?

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Wed Jan 3 18:55:51 GMT 2001


On 02-Jan-01 Brian Somers wrote:

> I believe there's a wider (radio bandwidth) range for broadcasting 
> this stuff in the UK though - so buying a US card limits things.... 
> not to mention the fact that the people that did things at the above 
> prices won't deliver outside of the US.

The band allocations for the 2.4GHz ISM band
are exactly the same for the US as for Europe apart from Spain and France.

The whole band is not used for wireless comms. as there are a few edge effects
that made the radio design a bit harder. So even though the allocation goes from
2.400GHz to 2.480GHz (I think), the 802.11 standard only uses 2.402 to 2.478GHz.
> It's all very tempting, but I don't really *need* it, so I'll 
> probably hold off in the hope that prices drop :*D

Nope - you do need it:
        - it's cool
        - you can surf instead of reading the paper
        - you can do email/break -stable from the garden
        - ditto in the Pub. if you have a Pub close by
        - it's so much easier for spouses that need to surf in front of the TV

I bought some cards about a year ago and it was well worth it. The flexibility
is so much easier.

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