Wireless NIC supplier?

John Murphy john at T-F-I.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jan 3 17:01:46 GMT 2001

Paul Richards wrote:

>I spoke with the Lucent distributor this morning and prices have dropped
>dramatically in the last month. The current pricing is now much more
>Silver =A394.20
>Gold   =A3109.20
>Residential gateway (3 users) =A3246

Interesting, but before VAT?

What price the client adapter? Does it have to be the Orinoco?

Can a good match be made to an external beam antena[power amp]?

As I wont be using a hub, where can I buy crossover ether? :)

Encryption bit rate being equal, would different cards work at each
end or would similar cards always be 'better'?


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