Wireless NIC supplier?

David Dooley dpd at raffles-it.com
Wed Jan 3 15:18:43 GMT 2001


> I really would recommend the Wavelan Orinoco cards 
> (http://www.wavelan.com) as these are fully supported and are 
> considered by a lot of people to be the best of the bunch. And at the 
> prices Paul is now quoting they are a steal, especially if you can 
> live with 40bit encryption and go for the Silver cards.

I have no experience of other radio LAN cards, but the Orinoco Gold with a  Residential Gateway work great once you managed to get the configuration of both sorted out. I would be interested in how others got them to work together, just to see if I did it in a sane manner.

For my set up, I disabled dhcp in the Residential Gateway (RG) and told it to dhcp it's address from my network, quite why I bothered with this step is beyond me at the moment apart from it appeared to be a good idea at the time. The only way I could configure the RG was to use the supplied windows software. Then I used the following to configure the card. This extract is from /etc/pccard.conf which was copied and expanded from /etc/defaults/pccard.conf

# Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE
card "Lucent Technologies" "WaveLAN/IEEE"
        config  0x1 "wi" ?
        insert  /usr/sbin/wicontrol -i $device -s ANY
        insert  /usr/sbin/wicontrol -i $device -n <Insert encryption Key Here>
        insert  /usr/sbin/wicontrol -i $device -k <Insert encryption Key Here> -v 1
        insert  /usr/sbin/wicontrol -i $device -T 1
        insert  /usr/sbin/wicontrol -i $device -e 1
        insert  /usr/sbin/wicontrol -i $device -p 1
        insert  /etc/pccard_ether $device start
        remove  /etc/pccard_ether $device stop

If any one can tell me a better way of doing things I would be interested in seeing it.


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