Wireless NIC supplier?

Neil Ford neil at ourshack.com
Wed Jan 3 14:11:16 GMT 2001

At 1:48 pm +0000 3/1/01, Paul Richards wrote:
>Neil Ford wrote:
>>  >
>>  Umm... those prices are a rip-off! Sorry to be so blunt but I bought
>>  two Orinoco Gold cards for something like =A3170 each (inc. V.A.T.). I
>>  can provide details of the supplier if required (though I know they
>>  are currently out of stock).
>Well, I'll have to eat some humble pie here.
>I spoke with the Lucent distributor this morning and prices have dropped
>dramatically in the last month. The current pricing is now much more
>Silver =A394.20
>Gold   =A3109.20
>Residential gateway (3 users) =A3246
Wow the prices have dropped! Might be time to upgrade the Airport. 
Anyone want a pukka Apple Airport card :-) or for that matter a 
Lucent Siver Card (for it is those that are contained within the 
Airport Base Station)?

>If anyone had wanted one I'd have found out the new prices when ordering
>and passed the savings on accordingly. We're not in the business of
>ripping off FreeBSD users, we're aiming to provide what they need and
>I'd originally looked into Wavelan cards a couple of months ago but
>since no-one had ordered any the prices had got out of date. My
My apologies to you too Paul, I in no way meant to infer that you 
were ripping people off, rather that whoever you were getting them 
from was charging over the odds. I know you guys are out to the best 
you can for FreeBSD users.

Whilst for I wholeheartedly suggest people use FreeBSD Services Ltd 
for their cards (I know I will be in future), if you do need an 
alternate supplier I previously used Computer Connection 
(www.compconnect.com, based in Ipswich) and got very good service.

Neil C. Ford
neil at ourshack.com

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