Wireless NIC supplier?

Paul Richards paul at originative.co.uk
Wed Jan 3 13:48:33 GMT 2001

Neil Ford wrote:

> >
> Umm... those prices are a rip-off! Sorry to be so blunt but I bought
> two Orinoco Gold cards for something like £170 each (inc. V.A.T.). I
> can provide details of the supplier if required (though I know they
> are currently out of stock).

Well, I'll have to eat some humble pie here.

I spoke with the Lucent distributor this morning and prices have dropped
dramatically in the last month. The current pricing is now much more

Silver £94.20
Gold   £109.20
Residential gateway (3 users) £246

If anyone had wanted one I'd have found out the new prices when ordering
and passed the savings on accordingly. We're not in the business of
ripping off FreeBSD users, we're aiming to provide what they need and
I'd originally looked into Wavelan cards a couple of months ago but
since no-one had ordered any the prices had got out of date. My


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