Wireless NIC supplier?

John Murphy john at T-F-I.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jan 3 13:44:43 GMT 2001

Paul Richards wrote:

>John Murphy wrote:
>> Anyone know of a retail vendor of 802.11 PCI wireless network cards =
>> are known to work well with FreeBSD-4.2) in the uk?
>Yes, FreeBSD Services Ltd :-)
>What do you want specifically?

I've seen the Compaq WL200 but it's not listed in the FreeBSD-4.2
Hardware.txt.  As they seem to cost $199 each! (and I need two) I
fear it could be a while before they're cheap enough for me, and
by then I guess they'll be 'supported'.

Also, they have counter-clockwise threads on the antenna sockets!
Is this a US standard or an attempt to stop people connecting
'better' antenna?

Thanks again

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