Wireless NIC supplier?

Paul Richards paul at originative.co.uk
Tue Jan 2 23:52:13 GMT 2001

Neil Ford wrote:

> >
> Umm... those prices are a rip-off! Sorry to be so blunt but I bought
> two Orinoco Gold cards for something like £170 each (inc. V.A.T.). I
> can provide details of the supplier if required (though I know they
> are currently out of stock).

Well, I thought the prices were very high as well which is why I said
"depends what you consider reasonable". They were the prices that I got
from the Lucent distributor though.

Who's the supplier? There are several of us willing to beat a path to
their door.

> If you fancy having a play (and helping me get the FreeBSD driver
> working :-) ), you're more than welcome to visit, or I can bring the
> kit to you. Of course, that might just mean you won't be able to hold
> off any longer.

What problems are you having with the driver? It should work fine since
everyone was playing with them at BSDCon.


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