Wireless NIC supplier?

Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Tue Jan 2 23:14:40 GMT 2001

> >It's all very tempting, but I don't really *need* it, so I'll
> >probably hold off in the hope that prices drop :*D
> >
> If you fancy having a play (and helping me get the FreeBSD driver =

> working :-) ), you're more than welcome to visit, or I can bring the =

> kit to you. Of course, that might just mean you won't be able to hold =

> off any longer.

Warner lent me a card at BSDCon after the machine room had closed =

(the wireless lan still worked from outside the room).  'till then I =

wasn't really convinced that it was a cool toy.  After that, I was =

sold :-)

If you can dig out the supplier name & prices it'd be appreciated !

> Neil.
> (Typing from the couch, not a wire in sight :-) )
> -- =

> Neil C. Ford
> neil at ourshack.com
> http://www.binky.ourshack.org

Brian (typing from the couch with wires all over the place!).

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