Wireless NIC supplier?

Neil Ford neil at ourshack.com
Tue Jan 2 22:26:38 GMT 2001

>>  Brian Somers wrote:
>>  >
>>  > > John Murphy wrote:
>>  > > >
>>  > > > Anyone know of a retail vendor of 802.11 PCI wireless 
>>network cards (which
>>  > > > are known to work well with FreeBSD-4.2) in the uk?
>>  > >
>>  > > Yes, FreeBSD Services Ltd :-)
>>  > >
>>  > > What do you want specifically?
>>  >
>>  > Are the current prices for hubs and pci & pcmcia NICs reasonable ?
>>  > If so, I'm interested in one each of all three :-)
>>  Depends on what you think of as reasonable :-)
>>  I've found out a little more info since last time you asked. There's a
>>  residential version of the hub that's roughly =A3400. I'd have to check =
>>  the morning what the exact price is because the dollar rate has been
>>  varying a lot recently to our disadvantage.
>>  Other prices:
>>  ORiNOCO World PC Card- Silver                   =A3232
>>  ORiNOCO PCI converter - base                    =A389.7
>This is certainly a lot more reasonable than before, although the US
>prices were around $250 for the base station and $180 for the gold
>card ($130 for a silver).  This is all from memory - and mine's not
>the most reliable :-)  I never priced a pci card.
Umm... those prices are a rip-off! Sorry to be so blunt but I bought 
two Orinoco Gold cards for something like =A3170 each (inc. V.A.T.). I 
can provide details of the supplier if required (though I know they 
are currently out of stock).

As for base stations, go for the Apple Airport. Yours for only 250 
pounds and it works a treat. If your only using silver cards then 
it's by far the most cost effective option. If you want to upgrade to 
gold there may be better choices, but it does look cute :-)

As we now have macs in the house and need to support pukka Airport 
cards it was an ideal choice for us.

>I believe there's a wider (radio bandwidth) range for broadcasting
>this stuff in the UK though - so buying a US card limits things....
>not to mention the fact that the people that did things at the above
>prices won't deliver outside of the US.
>It's all very tempting, but I don't really *need* it, so I'll
>probably hold off in the hope that prices drop :*D
If you fancy having a play (and helping me get the FreeBSD driver 
working :-) ), you're more than welcome to visit, or I can bring the 
kit to you. Of course, that might just mean you won't be able to hold 
off any longer.

(Typing from the couch, not a wire in sight :-) )
Neil C. Ford
neil at ourshack.com

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