FreeBSD: stressing 4.2 and Apache with ab (fwd)

Jonathan Belson jon at
Tue Jan 2 11:17:03 GMT 2001

"L. Cranswick" wrote:

> ("default" Redhat barfs at ~ c=1010 due to "socket: Too many open files"
> At higher loads for Redhat, "top" registers a temporary zombie apache
> process which it then gets rid of after it calms down from the test(?).
> (don't know why as yet?)
> I think I have found multiple webpages to help me with the Redhat
> limitations due to the Mindcraft - Linux-apache/Microsoft-IIS comparisons
> and fall-out:
>    How Mindcraft could have made a better Linux file server - Tuning Linux

After all the outcry, Mindcraft repeated the tests with some RedHat
guys handling the Linux tweaking - the results were pretty similar.
One of the main reasons Linux did so badly was that NT has a
TCP/IP stack whereas Linux doesn't (the test machine had two processors
Even Linus now admits NT beat Linux - although there have recently been
some patches to fix the network scalability problems, it might be
interesting to repeat the test.



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