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Wed Feb 28 02:29:47 GMT 2001

Try searching the list history on this, I 
believe it has been getting talked about a 
fair bit of late. AFAIK, there was aslo mention of 
Alcatel releasing Linux drivers but, I don't know 
if they are compatible here .....


Quoting Dominic Marks 
<dominic_marks at btinternet.com>:

> Hello,
> I'm a UK based FreeBSD user (fairly new) and 
just subscribed to the
> list.
> Some of you may have seen me on the questions 
master list but I thought
> I
> might as well join here and soak up the UK scene 
as well :)
> I'm a programmer mostly with lots of sysadmin 
and the usual other bits
> and
> bobs thrown in for good measure.
> Ok, so I've introduced myself, my question:
> Anyone know anything about the USB ADSL Alcatel 
and FreeBSD? The
> modem is
> supplied with Home user ADSL from BTOpenworld, 
which I have. However
> there
> is no driver for the device. I'm not experienced 
in writing drivers,
> and
> even if I was Alcatel won't release the 
specifications so it would be
> an
> absolute pig to make it work. Having said all 
that does anyone have and
> information about it, perhaps past solutions or 
experiences. I have
> spoken
> to people and there is a theory floating around 
about being able to
> mount
> the device using usbd.conf and then bind a ppp 
session to that?? I'm
> suspicous about this, but it would be great to 
have some feedback about
> it.
> Thanks
> Dominic
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