Dominic Marks dominic_marks at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 27 23:01:59 GMT 2001


I'm a UK based FreeBSD user (fairly new) and just subscribed to the list.
Some of you may have seen me on the questions master list but I thought I
might as well join here and soak up the UK scene as well :)

I'm a programmer mostly with lots of sysadmin and the usual other bits and
bobs thrown in for good measure.

Ok, so I've introduced myself, my question:

Anyone know anything about the USB ADSL Alcatel modem
(http://www.alcatel.com/consumer/dsl/homeprod.htm) and FreeBSD? The modem is
supplied with Home user ADSL from BTOpenworld, which I have. However there
is no driver for the device. I'm not experienced in writing drivers, and
even if I was Alcatel won't release the specifications so it would be an
absolute pig to make it work. Having said all that does anyone have and
information about it, perhaps past solutions or experiences. I have spoken
to people and there is a theory floating around about being able to mount
the device using usbd.conf and then bind a ppp session to that?? I'm
suspicous about this, but it would be great to have some feedback about it.


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