Richard Smith rdls at
Tue Feb 27 17:00:38 GMT 2001

David Richards wrote:
> OK. i have edited my natd.conf and killed HUP it. When i type it
> which is mapped to i get paged cant
> be displayed
> here is my natd.conf
> interface ed0
> same_ports yes
> redirect_port tcp 3389
> redirect_port tcp 8888
> the first redirect line is for windows window terminal services and the
> other one for a web server that i am playing about with. But none of it work
> :(
> any other ideas or views ?

1) run tcpdump on the on both the external interface and the
internal interface to see whats going on.

2) check that can at least get out to the internet

3) check the firewall rules, initially, make them unrestrictive,
temporarily place a `${fwcmd} add pass all from any to any' somewhere
soon after the nat divert rule, so that nat continues to work. When you
get it working with the `pass all' firewall, reinstate your rules, but
remember to include a pass rule for external setup on ports
8888 and 3389.

5) keep an eye on which fw rules are causing you grief with `ipfw show',
watch the counters and the security logfile.


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