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On Fri, Jan 12, 2001 at 12:01:12AM +0700, patmawitana wrote:
> is freeBSD linux free operating system?

FreeBSD is separate and distinct from Linux, although it does have
linux binary compatibitity and can run most linux applications.

> how to get it?

Take a look at www.freebsd.org  or www.uk.freebsd.org.  You'll find all
the details there - but feel free to mail us back if you're still having
trouble having read those pages.

> it is free or not?

Yes it is, in the true sense of the word.

> because many linux operating system are not really free, and it is difficul
> to get it, could you help me to get it , because I am a poor student that
> want to learn it.

> it is difficult to install freeBSD or not?

No - it's pretty easy now a days.  You download two floppy images and
a program from writing the floppies from them.  Boot the computer onto
the floppies (one at a time - you're prompted for the second one) and
then the setup program allows you to specify what you want to install
and set up your ppp connection (for modem) or network port (for LAN)
and install via FTP over the Internet.

> from my friends' opinion, they think it difficult to install it, to operate
> it, because there is still no standarization for linux, is it true?

Maybe, but FreeBSD isn't Linux so what your friends say may not be true
for FreeBSD.


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