David Richards DavidR at
Tue Feb 27 15:19:39 GMT 2001

OK. i have edited my natd.conf and killed HUP it. When i type it which is mapped to i get paged cant
be displayed

here is my natd.conf

interface ed0
same_ports yes
redirect_port tcp 3389 
redirect_port tcp 8888

the first redirect line is for windows window terminal services and the
other one for a web server that i am playing about with. But none of it work
any other ideas or views ?

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>>>>> "David" == David Richards <DavidR at> writes:

    David> Ok now that i have natd working. how would i get it to direct
packets from
    David> the internet on port 3389 to a local machine to port 3389 ?

add -redirect_port <protocol> <targetIP>:3889 3889 to your arguments
to natd.


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