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Tue Feb 27 14:24:34 GMT 2001

Ok now that i have natd working. how would i get it to direct packets from
the internet on port 3389 to a local machine to port 3389 ?

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David Richards wrote:
> Hi
>    I am trying to create a rule that will send packets coming from the
> internet, to an internal machine with the ip address of
> the rules that i have writen is
> ${fwcmd} add fwd tcp from any to 3389
> ${fwcmd} add fwd udp from any to 3389

Syntax error after `fwd'. According to man ipfw(8), the `fwd' action
should be followed by: ipaddr[,port].

IMHO, what your trying to do wont work anyway. Your trying to forward to
an RFC1918 address, you'ld have better luck doing the forwarding using
natd instead.


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